Ski Lodge "Boy" [2013]


Label: Dovecote Records


Written & Directed by: Tucker Bliss and Beau Burrows

Producer: Julia Volonts

Director of Photography: Tucker Bliss


Visual Effects Lead: Beau Burrows

Particle Effects/On-set Visual Effects: Tom Bourget

Visual Effects: Shane O'hara


Gaffer: Hailee Romain

First AD: James Koenigsberg

Wardrobe: Colleen Kelsey, Lance Brewer, Nancy Brown


Cast: Kurt Pierce, Angie Carpio, Sam Bliss, Eoin Tynan, Pat Lawson, Peter Conroy, Charlie Bliss, Damian Wiseman, Corey Freeland, Peter Cook, Finn Stube

Copyright © 2015 Beau Burrows